What is Slow Outdoors?

Slow Outdoors is a guide for building meaningful connections with the natural world, and an invitation to rethink the ways we work, play, parent, move through, and even define the outdoors today.

Posts come out a few times a month on Fridays.

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More About Me

I am the co-creator of Super Nature Adventures, a small educational consulting business based in Portland, Oregon, that focuses on fostering access, learning, and connection to nature, parks, and public spaces. In our work, we bring together place-based thinking, creative design and illustration, and pedagogical expertise in inventive ways with the goal of building deeper connections to the world around us.

While I’ve spend a lot of time over the past seven years working on projects focusing on nature connections, I haven’t really taken the time to share my approach to this work. “Slow Outdoors” is just that - a meditation on building connections to nature, why strengthening these connections matter, and why doing so can be so hard - even for those of us who work within the outdoor industry.

Along the way, I hope to share a little more about how my own life experiences have and continue to shape my relationship with the outdoors. From growing up on a farm, to years in academia, to parenting, to each and every project I’ve worked on over the past several years - my relationship with nature continues to deepen and evolve. I can’t wait for us to share and learn from each other through this community and creative process.

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Consultant, educator, and co-director of Art Nature Place. Author of "Slow Outdoors." Lives in Portland, Oregon.